Legendarios – Wrath of the Rain God

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster
(April 2024)

Emma and Martín never expected that the book of legends they received from their abuela as a gift was a magical book, transporting them into legends of Mexico past. One moment, they’re sitting in their new home in Chicago, the next they’re plunged into an ancient village at the foot of a pyramid in the middle of a flash flood! But the twins soon realize that the flood is no ordinary storm. It is the manifestation of Tlaloc’s wrath, and he is angry! Someone has stolen something very valuable from him, and Tlaloc’s vengeful storm will not abate until it is returned.  As the water continues to rise, Emma and Martín race against time to help save their new friends before things get dire!


LEGENDARIOS is a chapter book series following twins, Emma and Martín, on a series of exciting adventures as they’re plunged into a magical book of Mexican legends given to them by their abuela when the twins move from Mexico to the United States.