Alan Turing and the Power of Curiosity

Wonderful publisher: Sourcebooks (March 2021)
Amazing IllustratorAnnalisa Beghelli
Brilliant science consultant: Micaela Crespo Quesada, PhD.

The second book of the series looks closely at key moments of Alan Turing‘s life that highlight his great power of curiosity, and how this power was critical to his ability to decode and solve important questions of his time (and in the process, lay the groundwork for artificial intelligence).

In his story, Alan Turing must face off against the elusive Miss Enigma, whose task is to confound and confuse him every step of the way.

My Super Science Heroes is a picture book series for children ages 4-9. Written in partnership with the Marie Curie Alumni Association–a global organization of over 17,000 researchers and scientists–this series highlights key traits and characteristics (super powers!) that all children embody, showcasing how those skills can play a meaningful role in helping people reach their dreams. Each trait is paired with a specific scientist who flexed that super power to great effect in their own life. Our hope is that children will be inspired by these super science heroes, to draw on their own super powers in pursuing their goals.